What We Do

We unlock liquidity by providing advances and mobile led payments solutions.

Small Holder Farmers

Agriculture is the back-bone of Kenya’s economy and a majority of agricultural producers are small-holder farmers. Despite their economic importance, payment for produce is often delayed, in some cases by up to six months. This results in cash-flow issues which restrict their ability to manage daily needs and to expand their agricultural enterprises. Through Niaba’s digital platform and use of data, we are helping farmers to bridge the cash-flow gap by providing on-demand payments.

Salaried Employees

Our mobile-led solution to salaried employees enables them to take care of personal expenses and unforeseen emergencies that happen in between the payment period.

Health Sector

Niaba is enabling small and medium enterprises in the health sector to access their payments faster. Improved cash-flows among health practitioners will improve their operations and increase penetration of quality health services to the public.

Capital Markets

Unlocking liquidity for investors in the capital markets by enabling them to utilize their stock portfolio to access financing.